Register with Webstar/Primary Eyecare Southern Ltd

Enhanced optical services which require the use of the Optomanager portal will require the practice Contractor to register with both Webstar (Optomanager) and the LOC company (Primary Eyecare Southern Ltd) in order to use the system.


The process to register requires the following to be actioned first by the Contractor:


1. Complete Quality in Optometry (QIO) GOS Contract: Contractor checklist (compulsory for any practices conducting GOS sight tests )


2. Complete QIO LOC company subcontractor checklist: which can be found under the NHS contracts tab to create a new LOC company subcontractor checklist.


3. The Subcontractor checklist is split into 3 parts and all need to be completed:

     a: General conditions checklist

     b: Service conditions checklist

     c: IG checklist


Once theses have been done you will need to do the following:


1. If you are joining a scheme from the launch then your details will have been taken prior to launch and either the LOC company or Webstar will contact you via email to explain how to register. 


2. If you would like to join an existing scheme then, once you have completed the above QIO checklists, please complete the following application form and send to the address on the form undefined  undefined